Thursday, February 28, 2008


A big 'Thank You' to Lacylulu for featuring Dobby on her first ever 'New Pup Wednesday'!! I never would have imagined that this little corner of the internet would get so much attention after just a week! Thank you to everyone who has visited- I'm already having trouble keeping up with all of your wonderful doggie bloggies, so sorry if I don't leave you all individual thank-you notes :)

Edit: Thanks to Sissy and Tinky Chihuahua for the little shout-out in today's post, too!!

Now, time for a poll! Most of you let your dogs write their own blogs in the first person. Should I keep writing for Dobby or let him take over? I will still be focusing mostly on pictures either way :)


Lacy said...

woofies Dobby, me happy u iz meetin new doggies..being new, me finks it makes a difference in whether u git visitors and comments sooo dats y me thot of "new pup Wednesday". as u can see, me rites as me (lacylulu). wattever u feel like doing iz grate.

b safe,

pp's sumtime ritin as lacy makes me rite as lacylulu ALL the time, lol...

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dobby!
I'd prefer to give my own point of view.
I hope you are having a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs