Thursday, February 21, 2008

About us

(Our first playtime)

Dobby and I are happy to have such a public way to share his cute-ness and I promise to stay out of the way, but here is a little bit about me and how I came to have Dobbs.

I am a recent college graduate and decided in the summer of 2007 that I was ready for the responsibility of having a dog. My family had had a Toy Fox Terrier and I was absolutely enamored with her- dogs can truly light up your life. So I decided to shop around, and eventually was visiting and daily searching for new dogs. Everyone I talked to said that I would just know when I had found the right dog, so I was patient and waited for the right one to turn up.

Early in October, I found 'Squirt' on Petfinder. I knew he was the one, and I applied immediately! I had previously applied for a few other dogs and it had taken weeks for other rescues to process my application, so I was thrilled when Melanie, Squirt’s foster mom, called me that very afternoon. She sang his praises loudly, and I was hooked.

Squirt’s foster home was near Charlotte, NC, which was a good 2 hour drive for me, but I went to visit him that weekend. The drive was worth every minute, and I fell in love with his little wiggling, whining self as soon as I met him.

Shortly after my visit with him, he was scheduled to be neutered and microchipped, so on October 13th I finally brought him home with me. He slept on the passenger seat the whole way home like a perfect little angel. That afternoon, trusting in his socialization at the foster home and self-confident attitude, I took him out on a little adventure to PetCo so that he could try on collars and help me pick out some toys. We came home with his mossy green collar/leash set and a little terrycloth hippo. I debated for almost a week on what to change his name to (Squirt is so emasculating) and after noticing that at certain angles his ears were just like the Harry Potter character, I named him Dobby. The rest is history!

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Avery Jack said...

Oh my mommy just loves Harry Potter! What an awesome name and what awesome ears! Dobby is so cute!