Friday, November 19, 2010

A Quick 'Hello' and- Christmas Card Exchange??

Hi everyone! We are still here, just having a busy fall. The weather has been uncommonly nice so we have been taking lots of trips to the park, which Dobby loves. I've been busy with school, but that just means Dob can enjoy quiet evenings snuggled next to me while I work :)

I just this week got out my Christmas things- I'm going home to Maryland for Thanksgiving, so I am decorating before I leave (so I will get to come home to Christmas cheer!) I found lots of great cards from four-legged friends from the past two years we have been a part of this great community but it made me think "HEY! What about this year?" So: Are we having a card exchange? I would love to send you all cards, and would really enjoy getting cards from anyone who sends them out. Please email me if you're interested in swapping cards (or just receiving one!) at sekelly2 (at) gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE: Thanks for telling me about Fiesty Three! I emailed them. If you're not on their list, though, please still email me directly if you'd like a card!