Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Friends

Great job everyone who guessed last week. Bijou and Lorenza guessed right- that was Midget Molly! I am a big fan of her floppy ears and sweet brown nose :) I'm sure her brother Rambo will be on Friday Friends someday, too.

Since last week was cute, let's do funny today! Anyone know who this goofy guy is?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most "Ear"resistible Contest

Munchkin Memoirs

Lexus and Bentley over at Munchkin Memoirs started this great contest to see who has the cutest ears! Go read all about it on their blog. Here is Dobby's entry:

And just for fun, an artsy picture with the ears center-stage :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Friends

Lorenza, the Munchkins Lexus and Bentley, and Draco all guessed right! That pretty girl last Friday was Jemma. That one was easy :) If you don't know Jemma yet, go visit her!

For this week, I chose one that is a little bit harder because this little DWB friend is hiding under her toy. (What a sweet picture!) Good luck, everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Friends

It looks like I stumped most of you last week! Rocky was very keen and noticed the filename was Ramsey- and Jemma guessed, too! That was Ramsey, the famous Doberman who is friends with Pablo- she is just too cute with those little feet sticking out of her blankie. Ramsey and Pablo got famous on YouTube and have also been on TV. Go visit them sometime!

This week, try to guess who this is! She is one of our DWB friends. This is one of the very first pictures I ever saved because she is just so darn cute.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Award and a Tag

We were tagged a little while ago by our friend Dozer with this award that says "Your Blog is a Beautiful Dream"! Along with the award, I'm supposed to tell you some of Dobby's beauty secrets...

1) Always get petted a lot. It smoothes the fur.
2) Eat plenty of good fats and oils, since they make your coat shiney. And:
3) Have regular baths. (Dobby doesn't really like baths, but he's really well behaved when we have to have one!)

Dozer's beauty secrets are really great, you should all go read them :)

I also want to take a tag from Lexus and Bentley to tell you about Dobby's name. As you might know from our older posts, Dobby really is named after the Harry Potter character!

When I was first "shopping" for a dog on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet, I wanted to name my new friend something really human-sounding that had a cutsey nickname that was more dog-appropriate. When I found my little guy online, I narrowed it down to a list of boy names: Edgar, Frederick, Bert, Etc. I still think he would have made a good "Ernie", and he was very nearly "Toby". Then one night, after having him for just a few days, we were relaxing in my room and he was sitting on my chest. From that angle, suddenly his ears looked just like Dobby the house-elf's ears! I knew then that his name was Dobby.

Dobby had a few names before he became Dobby: at his first home, he was called "Baby" and at his foster home he was called "Squirt". Dobby suits him much better! Now he has a lot of nick-names though:

Dob and Dobbs, of course
Little Man
Big Man
Baby and Beebee
Goofy Boy

And there are lots more! Many of them are silly and spur-of-the-moment. I also sing songs to him all the time- anything that pops into my head- and change all of the words to be about Dobby. It's fun! I'd love to hear about your names. Please tag yourself if you want to play!

Friday, August 7, 2009

NEW! Friday Friends

Hi everyone! For a while now, I have been collecting cute, funny, and pretty pictures of many of our DWB and other online friends. Today, I'm starting a new post idea called "Friday Friends!" Each Friday, I will post one of my favorite photos of online friends. You will have to guess who it is, and then the next Friday I will tell you who it is and link to their website. This Friday, we'll start things off with someone NOT from DWB! Take a look at the picture and let me know in the comments if you know who this gorgeous girl is :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still busy :)

I've still been busy and lazy about updating my blog- but I think I am caught up on all of yours! I'm actually running low in my pictures of Dobby stash because the past month or two has been so busy, so I'd like to start a new post idea- check back on Friday for more details!

<3 S and D