Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Time for our annual Halloween photo shoot!

Dob wasn't very happy with his costume... he is mad at me for re-using one we already had. I promised him I will go out this week to see if we can get a new one on sale for next year :) The last two years he was a dinosaur- so it's better than being a dinosaur 3 years in a row!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Friends

Hi everyone! Last week was fun- that was Bentley in his handsome little bow-tie. Martine, mom of little Captain who looks just like Dobby (and cutie Candy), guessed first- and then Bijou got it right! Lots of other people guessed right, too. I guess that was an easy one :)

How about this week?

This is the closest I could find to a picture of a friend in costume in my file- Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We love fall!

(Dobby helped pick these pumpkins and gourds out!)

I have always been a huge fan of fall- and Dobby is, too! We love the cool mornings, perfect for snuggling. We love the warm- but not hot!- afternoons, great for lounging out on the deck in the sunshine. And recently, we've discovered the joy of chilly evenings in front of a fire :)

Last year my fireplace was in questionable condition... but we had it serviced, and now can enjoy it all winter long. Dobby loves the fire- it's gas, so it doesn't put out too much heat, but it puts out enough that he notices. He is fairly uninterested most of the time when it's burning, but once in a while, he will walk up to the fireplace and just bask in the glow. I think the light from the flames makes him nervous, but after I turn the fire off- when the heat is lingering on the tiles- he likes to just go stand by it; warming his little butt.

We all know chihuahuas love warm stuff!! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Friends

Wow, is it Friday again already? The weeks sure fly by. Great job, Lorenza and Rocky! Last week was Samantha from the Brat Pack!

Can you guess who this week's Friday Friend is? (He's so handsome!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Friends

Last Friday's Friend will have to remain a mystery- I thought it might have been Pedro or Rambo, but I guess it was just a little anonymous cutie I saved from somewhere else on the internet :)

To make it up to you, here is a great one who is definitely a DWB friend! Who is this funny girl?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend activities and lots of updates!

Hi all! Dobby and I had a fantastic weekend. I have been bad lately about taking pictures of him, but hopefully I'll be getting a new camera for Christmas and will get better about that. (My current camera is about 8 years old; it still works fine but it is so big and heavy that I never take it anywhere with us!)

On Saturday, Dobby and I went to All Pets Considered (I think of the Munchkins going to Harry Winston every time I go there now!) APC is a privately owned pet shop that has high quality kibbles, exciting chewies like moo tubes (trachea), bully sticks ( know), and Dobby's new favorite: Texas toothpicks! Texas toothpicks are sheep tails, I think. They look really kind of gross when he's chewing them, like he has bitten off someone's finger! Since I don't have any pictures of our trip to APC, here are some pictures of Dob with a Texas toothpick.

Anyway, we went to the store to get him some new kibble and, after much deliberation, came home with Wellness Core original. I also looked at car seats and will maybe buy one soon. Dobby had a good time smelling all the smells and looking at some of the new outfits they had, but all we took home was the food.

After the pet store, we went to pick out pumpkins!! Dobby has gone with me to pick out pumpkins at a local church every year he has been with me (this was his third time). He always gets lots of attention, and loves being somewhere completely out of his ordinary routine. We picked out 3 great pumpkins and 2 adorable gourds to put around the house as decorations. Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, Dobby and I went to a little dog get-together at a park north of town (the same park where we got lost in the woods). There weren't as many people or dogs there as I had hoped, but there were tables set up for local vets, pet-sitters, and other dog related goodies. There was even an agility course set up! Dobby has never done agility before, but I've always thought he would be good at it. He was too distracted to try much, but I got him to jump over a little pole several times. One of the people running the thing took video of it, and as soon as I know if it's posted online somewhere, I'll put up a link! It was adorable! After meeting lots of new dogs and sniffing around for a while, we went home happy and tired.

It was a great weekend. Today is also a special day- Today is Dobby's gotcha day! I've had Dobby for 2 whole years now. Here is his adoption story. He also just turned 3 years old last month- I was so busy I forgot to post it that day, so I figured I would wait and post it today with his gotcha day post. Happy gotcha day, Dobby! I love you!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Friends

Good job guessing last time- that was Patrick!! I usually get Jackson and Patrick confused, too- but they are both so cute!! This picture is a real mystery, even to me- I can't remember if it is one of our DWB friends or if it is just a cute photo I found online. Anyone know who this is? If it is YOU, please let me know and the mystery will be solved!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 inches of sunlight

Woops! I totally missed last week's post :) To make it up to you, here is an extra cute picture: When 10 inches of sunlight is exactly enough!

(Taken mid-morning as the sun came over my house into the back yard.)