Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, hi! I created this journal to honor my Chihuahua Dobby so I will try to keep my human nose out of it. I am not your average Chihuahua-lover (or so I like to think...); in fact I wasn't even specifically looking for a Chihuahua when I rescued the little guy. I have always preferred small dogs though- I think it's the eternal puppy looks and that they're much more comfortable as lap-dogs. My next post will be more about my situation and how I adopted Dobby. I'll try to post pictures as often as possible (at least weekly). Hopefully you will all love Dobbs as much as I do!


Lindsey said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Dobby!



Laura Sherman said...

Hi There Dobby!! You ARE quite cute!! I would love to see more pictures. I guess you're new to blogger? Welcome. I see you on the Raw lists too.

Lady, Onyx, Anna and Daisy

Oh yeah, the human too --- Laura

Anonymous said...

Shar!!!! Dad really appreciated this he can look at Dobby all the time whenever he wantS! ANNNDD we can read about his favorite websites, little friends, cartoons, comments, and many other interesting and exciting Dobby tidbits that will create a more intimate relationship between us. That's exactly what I was hoping you would do today! How did you know that when I woke up this morning I had a thirst for Dobby pics?! This is crazy. Thanks Shar! We are so glad you get paid to do such wonderful things. :) (Don't take this the wrong way at all I was just having too much fun typing a little comment)

All of us :)