Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hiking Trip

Last weekend, Dobby and I went with my boyfriend and my (new!) neighbors to Hanging Rock State Park, which isn't too far from where we live in NC.

It's a pretty good hike- about 2.5 miles total, and billed as "moderate difficulty." I've done it before, so I knew I could handle it. And Dobby is always so energetic and good on walks I figured he could do it, too! My neighbors also brought their dog.

It was a beautiful day!

My neighbor Lora with her dog, Harper, and Dobby.

Sam, me, and Dobby at the top!

It is so beautiful! Visibility is about 60 miles.

I picked Dobby up once we got to the top- for his own safety, mostly. He was very frustrated though, and kept whining to walk around and explore!

On the way down, I made sure to get a picture of some of the trail. I was totally impressed at how well Dobby did the whole time- some of these steps are twice as tall as he is!

What a great day it was :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hi again!!

Well I was intending to post about my recent hiking trip with Dobby... but I took the time to catch up on ALL of your blogs, and now it's super late and time to go to bed :)

We're going out of town this weekend so it might not be up until next week, but check back again soon!

<3 S and D

PS Here is a quick pic of Dob enjoying our new house :)