Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dobby's Teeth are Clean!

Well today finally was the day Dob went and had his dental work. His teeth are clean and three were pulled. I just brought him home. He is doing well, considering he is pretty drugged up :) We are just going to snuggle and have a quiet evening.

Thanks to all who shared kind words!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dobby Gets his Teeth Cleaned

I am so nervous right now... Everyone please tell me this is a routine procedure and dogs much smaller than Dobby are just fine under anesthesia. (That's the part I'm worried about.) He needs at least one minor tooth extraction, too. :( He is so perfect just the way he is and I'm worried it will change his pretty smile and I hope it doesn't hurt too bad :(

I'm just being a worried, worried mom. I can't imagine what having human children is like! Everyone please keep Dobby in your thoughts tomorrow (Thursday) while he's at the vet. I will try not to call them every half hour to see how he's doing :) Updates to come.

UPDATE Fri. 6/3:
Well the vet had an emergency in the morning, so his day got re-arranged and it bumped Dobby off his list. So, no teeth work yet; I need to reschedule. Updates as necessary.

<3 S and D