Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Surprise... Suspense!

Well I want to tell you about our surprise, but it is outside and it's been very rainy lately so I'm going to wait until I finish it and can take pictures before I share :)

I'll post about it ASAP!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Time Hooray!

Hi all! Last post I talked about taking Dob for a run in the baseball fields of a local park. We've gone several times since then. Usually we just walk, but sometimes, we do the baseball-run thing. He loves it!! Once, about three weeks ago, I remembered to take my camera:

His little butt is so cute!

That day we took squeeky, his favorite toy, to play fetch :)

Then we finished off the afternoon with a walk through the rest of the park. Dob LOVES peeing on ornamental grasses. He finds them really irresistible!

The park--this was just before everything started to bloom and grow.

My favorite--an action shot! Yay!
The weather has been super gorgeous here, and we are lovin' every minute! A lot of days, I'll get home from work and we sit outside for an hour or two just reading and hanging around. Plus, I have a surprise I'll be posting about soon... A surprise that just happened TODAY and made Dobby a very happy boy :):)