Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Boston!

Yay Red Sox! Dobby only wishes he could go to Fenway with us at the end of July :)

This is an actual, licensed Red Sox t-shirt- but it's not for dogs! It's made for Build-A-Bear stuffed animals and happens to fit him perfectly.

Taken May 11, 2008


Jackson and Patrick said...

Maybe you could sneak him in inside a bag or something...that would never work for us because we would like bark at something! The shirt looks great!

The Zoo Crew said...

Wow.....that shirt fits perfectly!!!

Lucy Lu

Daisy said...

Obviously a misplaced Bostonian! Great pictures of a lovely dog.

Pedro said...

Red Sox really Dobby? My mom works with a rabid Red Sox fan and we like in Yankee country!! Don't worry, I won't hold it against you!

Yankee Fan

Pedro said...

aaa, that was supposed to read "we LIVE in Yankee country." My mom was a little thrown by Judy gushing about the Red Sox in the background!


Rambo said...

Great shirt Dobby! My G-Pop doesn't like any team from Boston....including the Celtics who just beat the Lakers.