Monday, June 16, 2008

Three things about me and a bonus three about Dobby

Kathryn of 4urpets and The Empty Nest tagged us again! This time with a valid complaint- there isn't much info about me or Dobby on this blog, just awesome pictures of the little guy. So here are three things you probably don't know about me, and as a bonus, three things about Dobby.

  • I am a huge nerd. I like computers, know some HTML and like to read online web-comics (name drop, you ask? ok, my favorites are Questionable Content, Sinfest, xkcd, and The Mows- all work-friendly). The word "terabyte" gets me excited. I love reading classic English novels and I'm a total neat freak.
  • I'm also very artsy :) I like to make jewelry, paint, design random stuff, and I spent the first two years of my undergrad 'career' as an art design major. Then I switched to German and spent a year in Heidelberg, Germany, and then finally realised I liked English Literature best (see: "I'm a huge nerd"). So I have a BA in English.
  • Dobby and I live in a cute little bungalow in Greensboro, NC. I came to Greensboro for school and got stuck here for a while. I like our house but hate the town. Don't even get me started on my job. Hopefully we'll be moving in early 2009.

  • Dobby was rescued near Charlotte, NC. This is written in the first and second posts of the blog, but who wants to read back that far? I got very very lucky- he doesn't chew on stuff, he is a perfect angel in his crate, and he's very good with other people and most dogs. Lately though, he has un-trained himself on potty pads, and started going outside. I'm sure it's something I'm doing differently, but really, what the heck!
  • The favorite toy in our house is always whichever toy is the newest. Right now, it is a little rainbow trout plushie from PetsMart. His other favorites are "blue guy" (maybe it is supposed to be an elephant?) and his outside squeeky toy. He looooves plushies, even the big ones for big dogs!
  • When we go outside, Dobby's favorite thing in the world is to find the tallest piece of grass in the yard and chew on it. He doesn't eat it, really, just chews on it until it falls apart.

I was hoping that this blog would be like The Daily Coyote with all the great pictures that don't really need a lot of words, but it may be more fun to write more often. It's true that there really isn't much info on here! Take a look at the side navigation to see other favorite websites, my jewelry online, and misc. tidbits.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dobby is a rescue Chihuahua and you both live in Greensboro NC, and you are a nerd! I love it. It's nice to know a little about you. You can make friends that way. I have made a lot of nice people, as you can see on my last blog at The Empty Nest.

Jonesy was a rescue too! He was a gift from my son for Christmas. He is the best Christmas present I ever got.

Gina's Public Diary said...

I loved learning more about you and Dobby!