Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nom nom nom

Yum, dirt!

Yep, Dobby is on a half-RAW diet. For breakfast he gets kibbles (good stuff with no meat or grain by-products or other junk) and at night he gets his raw yummies. If you've never heard of this kind of pet diet before, google "BARF diet for pets" or "RAW diet for pets" or go to the links in my sidebar to read more.

Taken May 16, 2008.


Debra Kay said...

Oh Dobby-Prissy thinks you are very handsome indeed. She wouldn't share a bone with you, Prissy doesn't share.

Jackson and Patrick said...

I hate that its acronym is BARF. It is really hard to get excited to feed or eat something with that name!

Rambo said...

what exactly is that you are eating? I have never eaten anything raw. Is it good stuff.

Poppy said...

That sure is a giant NOM you have there! I don't usually get stuff like that...I'll have to work on my parents!


The Zoo Crew said...

Mom would really like to feed us RAW but she needs a deep-freeze first! And wth five of us, two being giant breeds, she's trying to figure out if it would be feasible, financially. Right now we eat Innova and love it :)


Sharon said...

Rambo, those are pork ribs :) Prok bones are a little hard, so I just let Dobby have them to gnaw on, not really eat. He gets most of his calcium from chicken bones.

Pedro said...


You are lucky to be on that raw diet! My mom gives me some bones sometimes but not every day! I'm gonna have to talk to her about that!