Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dobby Goes to a Baseball Game!

One of the great fun things we did just before moving away from Greensboro was a Grasshoppers game! Twice per season, they offer "Bark in the Park", a special game where you can sit on the hill with your dog. All the money from the dog tickets go to a local shelter, Red Dog Farm. The Hoppers have a special love for dogs. You might have heard of the owner's dogs, Miss Babe Ruth and Master Yogi, black labs that are trained to get bats and are allowed to run on the field after the games. They made the national news not too long ago. I love baseball, and I talked my friend L into coming to Greensboro from Raleigh with her new puppy. Not Grizzly (from the beach trip)--no, she got ANOTHER new puppy!! Here we all are at the game:

L's puppy, Starbuck, is probably a lab / Australian shepherd mix

There was a nice crowd!

Dobby didn't win the Smallest Dog competition, though, this little girl did! (And although she wasn't very friendly, we did get to say hello to the big guy behind her!)

It was a lovely evening :)

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