Thursday, October 28, 2010

RIP Much-Loved Doggies

My boyfriend's family has just had to help their 15 year old fox terrier across the Rainbow Bridge. Calvin was just very old and recently developed tumors throughout his body, including several that stopped his liver from working. I got to meet him a few times, and he was a quiet little old man with a funny little kinked tail and sweet gray eyebrows.

Shortly after Calvin passed over the bridge, my best friend's childhood dog, Belle, also had to be helped to the other side. She was a very big chow / german shepherd mix, about 14 years old, who was very loved. She was pretty sick and although everyone is sad, it was her time to go.

Also recently, some relatives of mine lost their old pup as well. My cousins, aunt, and uncle were very sad to see their 17 year old terrier pass. I have very good memories of Buster as a young dog, frolicking in the fields behind their house.

Please send happy thoughts their way.


Lorenza said...

Sure it was not an easy decision but they made what was best for him.
Our thoughts are with them.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Draco and his Mom said...

It is always hard to help a beloved animal across the bridge. That is one of the most loving things we can do. Sending lots of peaceful thoughts to them.
Draco and His Mom