Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Famous Nose-Tuck Move

Dobby likes to sleep with his nose tucked into a warm spot. I found him on the couch like this...

Oops! I woke him up. He looks extra small in this picture :)

...And he goes right back to sleep, with his nose tucked back in. He snuggles up somewhere at about 9pm and just sleeps until I move him in to the bedroom when I go to bed.

All taken April 8, 2008


Lacy said...

w00f's Dobby, watta cute not sleep under the covers to much..

b safe,

Anonymous said...

I see that Dobby has his little "blanky" too. Only Jonesy sleeps under the dead of 100 degree weather!

Pedro said...

Hey Dobby! You're a good lookin' chi like me! I like to sleep with my head and shoulders under the blanket with my butt sticking out.


Pedro said...

A dremel? Do you have a web site for that tool? I'd like my mom to check it out so I don't have to go to PetCo to get my nails clipped ever again.

Pedro said...


Thanks for the dremel info. My mom is seriously thinking about getting one. It would be good to use on my giant brother, Ziggy, too. His nails are huge compared to mine. She checked out the how to web site too cause she doesn't want to upset me. I'll let you know how it goes if we get one. Hope you have a nice weekend!


Poppy said...

Hey Dobby! You're the second Dobby Chihuahua I have met. I'm a chihuahua too, and I also like to sleep with my nose pushed into a warm spot. :)

Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

Tuffy said...

I sleep like that too Dobby because my nose gets cold. hehe